Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian – Agree/Disagree

Statement 5: If you are making fun of your own race, it’s not racism.

I disagree with this statement. The definition of racism is when someone uses race as a way to discriminate against others believing in the ‘fact’ that members of particular races posses certain traits and characteristics that make them inferior / superior. And if you are making fun of your own race, you are still singling out a race stating that the race is inferior / superior. For example if someone says “I’m Asian, so I can’t see” although they are making fun of themselves maybe as a joke, they are still saying that Asians have small eyes and therefore is inferior to other races. So although you may think it is ok to insult yourself because you are you, you are still indirectly saying that a different race is better / Superior to yours. But I think if you are making a joke it is ‘ok’ – still racist – but ‘ok’ to make it as long as you know that anybody listening knows that you aren’t serious or saying it to harm anyone.

Eminent Speech Arc

In each point of the story arc I will talk about:

Exposition: Why Eiichiro Oda picked me up – his pen. The odd beginning of a dream. First achievements.

Inciting Incident: Oda’s first creations and entrance into the manga industry. Getting a job as an assistant artist in the Weekly Shonen Jump.

Rising Action #1: The creation of a one-shot manga called Romance Dawn which later became the start of One Piece

Rising Action #2: Oda moves to pursue his own story instead of working as an assistant.

Rising Action #3: The popularity of One Piece.

Climax: How the series is going after 20 years of hard and dedicated work.

Falling Action: What Oda plans to do after he finishes One Piece.

Resolution: How although Oda has enough money to stop doing so much work, he decides to keep going because of the passion in him to finish the story.