Eminent Speech Arc

In each point of the story arc I will talk about:

Exposition: Why Eiichiro Oda picked me up – his pen. The odd beginning of a dream. First achievements.

Inciting Incident: Oda’s first creations and entrance into the manga industry. Getting a job as an assistant artist in the Weekly Shonen Jump.

Rising Action #1: The creation of a one-shot manga called Romance Dawn which later became the start of One Piece

Rising Action #2: Oda moves to pursue his own story instead of working as an assistant.

Rising Action #3: The popularity of One Piece.

Climax: How the series is going after 20 years of hard and dedicated work.

Falling Action: What Oda plans to do after he finishes One Piece.

Resolution: How although Oda has enough money to stop doing so much work, he decides to keep going because of the passion in him to finish the story.

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