Why do events happen, and what are their impacts?

Events take place after a build up of smaller, more subtle decisions, made by a plethora of people. These seemingly irrelevant ‘micro events’ have the influence and ability to trigger a larger-scale event when many of them intertwine in a dominoes or butterfly effect. This creates a complex map of events, made up of large and small causes, with long and short consequences.
Now the influences each cause leading up to the ‘final’ event varies, right? I think the influence of each cause is, give or take, pretty much the same. Why? Well because the way I’m looking at it (remember the chain of events), if just one thing was different or absent, it would potentially cause a different chain of events from the one without the absence or difference. For example, let’s take the *Titanic. At first glance, the Titanic seems as if it just got unlucky. But, recently, scientists have found that there were many factors. That played a roll in the demise of the Titanic. One of these factors was that there was a fire burning on the side of the boat, if this fire were not to happen, or repaired, the Titanic would have been able to withstand the iceberg. But unfortunately, the ice hit bull’s-eye. That is just one of many unfortunate causes.
The reason that the fire damage wasn’t repaired was because of the setting these historic actors were in. The damage on the ship was noticed, but the tickets were already sold, and the trip scheduled. If they delayed the trip, it meant bankruptcy for the investors. Not wanting to go bankrupt, they sent them off. This would’ve been ok, if it were not for other subtle mistakes (no access to binoculars, not doing a practice emergency drill).
From this example we can see that if only one thing were to happen differently, the event that followed after would have been very different. The past events were not inevitable, altering one ‘micro event’ has the influence to transform the results.
*I’m using one source for this example and I’m not sure how accurate the information is.

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