17th Century ‘Letter’ Blogpost


Saturday March 14th

Word is going around, warning of the plague. They say the cats are to blame, but nothing’s changed since we were free of them. I do trust that I am safe however, as the disease seems to be scarcer where I reside. It hurts most the vagabonds of our land.
Although I am safe, I will continue to take precautions. Many of my neighbours have begun to move, escaping the plague. Soon other countries may halt receiving us, in fear of the plagues growth. I too, indeed, have the urge to transport to another home, but I trust in the king that he will protect his people. Others are skeptical, claiming if he was truly a representative of God, why he has yet to make a move.

Sunday May 4th

The plague appears to be getting worse. The vast majority of wealthy men have left the land, including the king. I retained my faith, yet, he ran. He ran cowardly from his country. That is not what a God would do, a true God would be able to save his subjects, or help them at the least. Not leave them. I am questioning the authority he bears, claiming he is chosen by God, as powerful as a God. Yet, he retreats to another country, hiding from the plague.
After hearing the news of King Charles II ‘s retreat, I have lost my trust and faith. After contemplation, I have decided that the King is just another person. Unaware and unknowing of what to do in this situation.

Thursday July 28th

The plague is still spreading, and many of the populace have turned to faulting the witches. Claiming that they have seeded the plague. Others point their fingers at the Jews. As they seem to be less effected by the plague. I myself, believe it’s the witches. Early last month, I witnessed an execution of witch, and I can swear to you that she was guilty. The hatred, sadness, and anger in her eyes, without a doubt, I believe the plague is at the fault of the witches.

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