With in-depth just around the corner, I am working towards creating and finishing a final BIG project to make and eventually use for the central ‘focal’ or ‘main’ portion on my learning center. Recently in the last few weeks, I have been working on finding/identifying a genre or style that I enjoy using. A few days ago, I have decided and am currently experimenting with the surreal part of art. Here is the first experiment that I had/made today:


After making two or three more of these smaller experimental pictures, I intend to start planning and working on one or even two bigger projects (bigger as in it will take use of more photos or effects than the experimental ones to create something unique and creative). I think this tree picture was really a good edit because I used my own photo (the tree) and made something that I enjoyed and like the idea of.

For my learning center, I plan to have a timeline of the different edits I’ve made to show the gradual progress that’s been accomplished and ‘zoom’ into a part of the timeline to bold what I took away from that particular period. Additionally, I need to choose between an interactive part that either lets passerby’s try using photoshop or teaches them the simplest of photoshop knowledge (layers). Or perhaps even both.

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