I am an unnamed delegate from Newfoundland to speak upon the topic of military and defense. Regarding the American Civil War and the idea of manifest destiny arising from the South, the citizens of Newfoundland do not hold much concern. This is mostly due to Newfoundland being very isolated and protected by the expanse of the ocean, as the only mode of transportation is by boat. Additionally, we are under the protection of the British Navy. Another small factor is that Canada lies directly in between Newfoundland and the United States, acting as a sort of shield. On another note, later on during the Cold War, US relationships seemed more promising than Canadian relationships when speaking of military support. On the topic of Fenian Raids, we, again, are not heavily influenced due to the points mentioned earlier. However, some of our population do derive from Irish descent and are looking for a method to show their loyalty to our colony by supporting confederation. Confederating will also mean that we would no longer need the aid of the British Navy to defend our lands. Additionally, being defended by a united army under the name of Canada would make it more intimidating for other countries to consider attacking.

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