ZiPPiTY ZAP – D O L # 1

Record a journal entry of how you used one of our in-class focus blocks. What did you accomplish during this time? What did you struggle with? What might be your next step in you next focus block? Set a goal.

During our first two focus classes, I have begun my research. Because I had finished my ZIP proposal before the end of the break, I had a lot of time to work with during these blocks. On the first day, I started my work by finishing the draft for my rubric; I decided that setting a goal before doing anything was very important because it would set a destination. When I finished my draft, I then began to conduct my research. At first, I had trouble finding useful/insightful sources, but, after rethinking and rewording my searches, I was able to find a few great blog/article posts detailing the process most designers go through when designing a new graphic. After noting the most significant points, I attempted to find articles related to why we link experiences to images. Although I spent quite some time looking, I struggled to find anything with those keywords. I thought for a while, and I realized that I should broaden my research then synthesize the data. This would result in more information to work with, along with my own insights I may develop during more research. I aim to complete 3 additional pages of notes by the end of Jan.9th and finish my research altogether – another 3 pages – by the end of Jan.10th.


Notes that I took that some may find interesting:

Principles of Great Logo Design:


  • Flexible, clean, and simple designs make for an easily recognizable design
  • Distracting or confusing designs are easily ignored or overlooked


  • People should get the general idea in mere seconds
  • Quickly recognizable
  • Meaningful, communicates an idea


  • Remains as a good design after time
  • Does it communicate the same or a similar message as it did 10 years ago?
  • Will it last 10,20, or 30 years?


  • Does it work across different sizes, mediums, and contexts?
  • Simple to incorporate and use


  • Resonates with target audience
  • Related to topic


Logos go through many iterations

  • Brainstorm – spit out a plethora of designs, good and bad
  • Selection – identify the desirable traits
  • Amalgamation – combine desirable designs
  • Selection – choose the most desirable designs
  • Refinement – improve the design further

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