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Reflect on your inquiry and how your understanding is changing, becoming more focused, or is perhaps being reaffirmed by your research. What do you now know that you didn’t know when you started this inquiry? 

During the past few days, my inquiry question has been developed to adapt to the English curriculum. The question I am in the progress of answering is still the same; my question was simply reworded to accurately fit my intentions after conversing with Mr. Morris. However, I do not believe that my question is in its final stages. Currently, it has merely become a better shell, and there are still improvements that will be made throughout this learning experience.

Since the first blog post, one thing I have gained is how I can mold my project to fit the curriculum accurately. Additionally, I have discovered how I can more effectively string together article, blogs, and personal opinions to create new insights into my inquiry. In the past, the topics I had research were all relatively straightforward, I found the facts/opinions and consumed them. But now, I must research two similar topics and relate them together. For example, I used my notes on colour theory and the logo design process to infer how artists and companies take colour into consideration when they design a graphic. I have also learned that in-depth research can lead you down a rabbit hole of information. I have learned that knowing how far to go and when to stop is also a crucial part of research.  

Although the previous blogs goal was ambitious, I think that I can still manage to get more research in before I need to move on to the implication of my ZIP learning. Over the weekend, I will aim to finish the icing on the cake and complete the research portion of ZIP, perhaps I could even begin the implication and make some draft logos, ads, and banners. 


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