Document of Learning #3

Describe the ups and downs you have encountered to date in your inquiry. Specifically, when you were frustrated or struggling in your inquiry, what did you do to address the situation?


During my research, I became frustrated trying to find related sources. It was frustrating because I was unable to put my question into words. Many of the articles I found were about different topics and I didn’t get much research done. I resolved this quandary by taking a short break and thinking over how to reword my question, talking to Mr. Morris was also helpful. Even after I drafted a better question, it was still difficult to find 100% related sources, which was fine because I found enough sources to connect gaps in knowledge and add my own ideas.

I have also struggled with these documents of learning. Specifically, I have a lot of trouble starting them off. Today, I tried fixing this problem by just typing random things, getting into the ‘zone’, and working on from there. Following the “to begin, begin” quote from today’s class.

Speaking of the ‘zone’, I seemed to reach peak performance halfway during each class. I get the most work done when I’m in this focused state. To take advantage of this, I tried to recognize what I was doing before getting into this mood. I figured out that I concentrate the best when I have been doing the task for a while, similarly to how I started this document of learning (by typing randomly) and getting used to the workflow.

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