A Look into Previous Meetings – In-Depth #4


During the past week few weeks, I focused on learning how to continue a song. It is simple to start a song, but I have found it difficult to keep a beat going in a meaningful way. All the songs I make end up building up to a climax forever. I had conversations with my mentor about this, and he recommends I change it up every few bars, keeping the overall mood the same. This is called the b-section, a sort of bridge that connects two verses.

I have also worked on previous beats, attempting to add b-sections. However, it was much more difficult than I had expected. I will keep trying until I find a method that works for me.

My goal for March is to finish 4 beats and attempt to add another verse to at least two of them.


How to have a Beautiful Mind:

NOTE: There have been some unfortunate circumstances and my mentor has become unexpectedly busy with his job. I haven’t been able to schedule a meeting with him because of his sudden schedule, but I will try to analyze my previous meetings to identify the aspects of how to have a beautiful mind.


(the following conversation is from a previous meeting)

Me: Somebody I knew told me they knew someone that used Serum to make non-musical sounds and they made a living making sound effects for movies, is that even possible? Can I create any sound? For example, would I be able to create, let’s say, a snap sound?

Mentor: Yup, for sure

Me: So theoretically, I would be able to create any sound if I had a wave table like Serum?

Mentor: Yes, a lot of people spend their entire lives designing a perfect sound. Or you could use a pre-set – by the way, this is called sound design


From this question, I wanted to make sure I understood the concept. Additionally, I learned what sound design is and got a brief explanation about it.


(the following conversation is from memory)

Me: What is a synth and why would I want to use it?

Mentor: Synths are electronic instruments, usually with a keyboard, and it’s used to generate sounds. It’s used for when a musician wants to design their own sound.

I asked this question because I wanted to know if I needed to learn how to use synths. From the following conversation, and meeting, I learned that synths don’t have to be used, but are very powerful and I should take advantage of that.

Thinking back to all the meetings, I remember trying to think of as many questions as I could in order to keep the conversation going. Come to think of it, many of De Bono’s techniques feel intrinsic, although reading the book does highlight these ideas and helps to identify where I could improve.

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