In-Depth #6 – Prepare for Takeoff

Progress Report:

Over the past four weeks, I’ve gotten much more practice making music, navigating the program has become much more natural through this time. I focused heavily on making b-sections for all my projects, as I have the most trouble with that part of the song. I have also been told, by a friend, to make my drum beats more interesting. I learned that by adding extra off-pattern hits and snares, a drum beat can become energetic or unpredictable. This was very useful, and I have been applying the knowledge to all my projects since.

Finally, here is one project that I personally enjoyed:



I do not plan on utilizing a learning center, so I will discuss what I have planned for my presentation.

First, I plan to give a brief summary of what I did over the past months to the audience – what Ableton is, what I struggled with, etc. Then I will show a time-lapse video of me making music above me. This video will also be playing the music that was made in the video. I’ve seen this same way of presenting used by many videos on YouTube. Edward used it last year for his presentation; I thought it was very effective, and it is partly why I chose to learn about music this in-Depth.


The main concept we talked about is (drum roll…) song structure!

The concept of song structure was not new to me. However, it was used to help me better understand specific pieces of information that my mentor shared.

Here is an example in conversation (older):


Mentor: For example, have a part without the drums. Make it the same, but different.

Me: Like a b-section?

Mentor: Yes, exactly. Give some structure to your song.


My mentor had given me information: make it the same, but different. Now, that’s kind of hard to understand, I asked to clarify, is it like a b-section (which I new about before)? And he mentioned giving structure to the song, at which point I knew that I needed to learn more about song structure.


My mentor and I talked about alternatives when we talked about how to go about making a song. My mentor suggested I make a light ‘draft’ of everything, working through the entire song without polishing first. However, I asked, as an alternative, if I could do it polishing one instrument at a time (melody, drum, bass). He said I if that works for you, then of course. This method worked out, maybe even a little better for me, and I am satisfied that I had the idea and tried it.

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